Integrating HPE Synergy Solutions, Rev. 17.31 (01092982) (H0LN8S)

This course teaches expert level composable infrastructure and HPE Synergy solutions integration skills using a mixture of hands-on data center simulators, real Synergy hardware, and live facilitated instruction.
Students will:
-Learn how to describe, demonstrate and design HPE Synergysolutions to meet customer technical and business needs
-Practice creating configurations and infrastructure installations -Learn about troubleshooting and ongoing optimization
  • Describe the benefits of Composable Infrastructure
  • Describe HPE Synergy market positions
  • Explain how HPE Synergy simplifies management tasks
  • Explain how HPE Synergy master/satellite architecture reduces hardware and management complexity
  • Describe, recommend, demonstrate, select, design, install and troubleshoot HPE Synergy solutions to meet a customer’s technical and business requirements  
Typical candidates for this course are:
  • Systems Integrators
  • Sales Consultants
  • Technical Consultants
  • Systems Engineers
  • Sales Engineers
  • Field Support Technicians
HPE recommends that students have prior experience with architecting IT solutions and a working knowledge of individual HPE hybrid infrastructure components including:
  • Servers, storage, networking, IT operations, software, security, and services
  • HPE OneView
  • HPE Virtual Connect
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Course Outline
Module 1: Efficiencies of Hybrid Infrastructure
  • HPE Transformation Solutions
  • Composable Infrastructure
  • HPE Synergy Management Innovation
Module 2: Aligning Synergy to Business Needs
  • HPE Supports Traditional and Emerging Business Needs
  • How to position Synergy
  • Why Synergy, why now?
Module 3: Installing Synergy Infrastructure
  • Synergy Solution Infrastructure Design
  • Management Experience by Role
  • Synergy Fabric Innovation
  • Applying the Synergy Fabric Portfolio to the Workload
Module 4: Configuring Synergy Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Administrator Role
  • LOB IT/app Developer Role
Module 5: Optimizing Software-Defined Compute
  • Synergy Composable Computing
  • Applying the Synergy Compute Module Portfolio to Workloads
  • Building Out Synergy Compute Modules
Module 6: Implementing Software-Defined Storage
  • Typical Storage Decision Issues and Solutions
  • Addressing Diverse Workloads
  • Synergy Storage Components
  • Storage Hardware Configuration Rules
  • Stateless Deployment Options
Module 7: Working with Synergy Image Streamer
  • HPE Synergy Image Streamer 
Module 8: Creating a Customer Configuration
  • Creating a Synergy Configuration for a Customer
  • HPE Synergy Planning Tool
  • HPE Watson/SBW
  • Building a Synergy Solution for a Specific Customer Workload
Module 9: Managing the Synergy Life Cycle
  • How does Synergy Simplifying Life Cycle Management?
  • Using the HPE OneView REST API
  • HPE Synergy Troubleshooting