Introduction to HPE Nimble Storage (with extended lab time) (H9TH5S)

This course teaches students how to perform common management tasks, including: array installation, creating volumes, and protecting/recovering data with snapshots and replication. This course also covers system monitoring using Nimble Storage’s InfoSight. This course provides 4 consecutive days of extended lab time immediately after the class finishes.
Customers, Administrators and Channel Partner Sales or Technical Sales

  • NS-101-E: Introduction to Nimble Storage
  • NTS 101-E: Introduction to Nimble Storage Technology

Course Objectives
By the completion of this course, the learner will be able to complete the following tasks using Nimble Operating System:

  • Perform initial configuration of a new array with NSM & GUI
  • Perform post-installation tests
  • Create volumes and zero-copy clones
  • Attach and verify volumes/clones to Windows
  • Create and modify data protection polices for volumes
  • Restore volumes and individual files from a snapshots
  • Set up replication and perform basic DR operations
  • Use the Nimble GUI to monitor array capacity/performance
  • Navigate Nimble’s InfoSight to identify longterm trends
  • Manage multi-array (scale-out) groups

Certifications and related examinations

  • NTS-2001-I Exam
Details anzeigen
Detailed Course Outline
Module 1: AF-Series and HF Hardware
Module 2: Scaling with HPE Nimble Storage
Module 3: NimbleOS Introduction
Module 4: Nimble WebUI Introduction
Module 5: Introduction to Support and HPE InfoSight
Module 6: Pre-Installation, Racking, and Cabling
Module 7: Initial Configuration of the Unified Flash Fabric Overview
Module 8: Working with HPE Nimble Storage Volumes
Module 9: Introduction to HPE Nimble Storage Snapshots
Module 10: Introduction to HPE Nimble Storage Replication
Appendix 1: AF-Series Introduction
Appendix 2: CS and AFA Series Pre-installation, Racking and Cabling
Detailed Lab Outline

Lab 0: vLabs Access
  • Objectives
  • Accessing the vLabs
Lab 1: Initialize an Array
  • Background
  • Lab Topology
  • Task 1: Launch Nimble Setup Manager
  • Task 2: Subnet Configuration
  • Task 3: Post Setup Testing
  • Lab 1b: Initialize an Array using CLI (optional)
Lab 2: Basic Volume Creation
  • Task 1: Create a volume
  • Task 2: Create a Volume Collection
  • Task 3: Create an Initiator and an Initiator Group
Lab 3: Windows Host SetUp (NCM) Background
  • Task 1: Launch NCM and connect to a volume
  • Task 2: Examine the newly connected volume
  • Task 3: Return to the Windows host to prepare and mount the volume
Lab 4: Snapshots and Data Recovery Background
  • Task 1: Create Data
  • Task 2: Simulate a data loss event
  • Task 3: Create a Zero-Copy Clone
  • Task 4: Connect to the clone and recover the data
  • Task 5: Disconnect and delete the clone
Lab 5: Replication Partner Configuration Background
  • Lab Topology
  • Task 1: Configure the Upstream Array
  • Task 2: Configuring the Downstream Array