Tivoli Storage Manager 7.1.1 Update-Workshop (TSM-UW)

This intermediate course is designed for TSM technical professionals, storage administrators and operators who would like to get an understanding of the new key TSM 7.1 and 7.1.1 features.

  • Describe the basic components and concepts of TSM node replication and  configure the new features like 'recover damaged files from target server' and  'node replication with dissimilar TSM policies'
  • Describe the new  TSM Installer
  • Configure the new TSM database enhancements like:
o Compress database backups
o Offline reorganization of tables and indexes
o Deduplication improvements
o Database rebalancing
o Shared memory
o New SQL Interface from TSM Server
  • Utilize archive log compression
  • Describe the new verification possibilities of tape volumes
  • Describe and work with operation center improvements
  • Describe and work with new backup archive client management service functionality
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