Academy Exclusive Workshop – BP Sales Accelerator Clinic (AEW-BPSAC)

Program Objectives:
Deal Accelerator  Clinics are designed to develop effective and winning opportunity strategies. 
The workshop objectives are to develop a winning strategy to increase the win odds, reduce the sales time and increase the opportunity total contract value.
Target Audience:
The target audience for the Deal Accelerator Clinics include the key stakeholders involved in the development and implementation of an account opportunity sales strategy. That is Key Account Managers, technical support resources, project managers, product managers, industry and subject matter experts.

Deal Accelerator Clinic Outcomes:
  • Develop a strategic plan for one key opportunity.
  • Align the plan with customer?s corporate and business objectives.
  • Develop a relationship coverage plan for key stakeholders for the opportunity.
  • Develop a resource investment and win plan.
  • Design a management review process to be integrated in to existing sales review process.
  • Build an client focused team.
Learning Approach:
The Deal Accelerator Clinics involve a disciplined methodology including:
The account team will be stepped through a structured process of developing an opportunity plan. The process includes pre-designed templates and spreadsheets to capture the opportunity, key relationships and developing a resourcing and win plan.

Workshop Prerequisites:     None
Program Duration:                The Clinics usually run for 1 day however coaching is tailored to the individual requirements and may be conducted over an extended period of time.
Location:                                The Clinics can either be held at Tech Data locations or conducted on your own site. 
Price:                                      Available on request