Address Verification using Informatica Data Quality - On Demand (AVIDQ-OD)

An introduction to Informatica AddressDoctor On-Premise Address Validation. Through demonstrations evaluate how to configure settings in the Informatica Administrator console in order to perform On-Premise Validation. Explore how to locate important country specific AddressDoctor information and finally how to execute AddressDoctor mappings in PowerCenter. Review how to build Address Validation Mappings in the Informatica Developer tool, and how to configure the various modes available such as Batch and Single Line validation. Furthermore discover how to configure Geocode and CAMEO outputs
After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Locate important Informatica AddressDoctor information
  • Configure Address Validation settings on the Content Management Service in Informatica Administrator
  • Configure the Address Validation Transformation in Mappings to include: Configuring the different modes that are available and apply Geocoding and CAMEO outputs.
  • Execute AddressDoctor mappings in PowerCenter
Target Audience
Users who are familiar with Informatica Developer but who have not worked with Address Validation
Users need to be familiar with the Developer Tool and be able to build and execute mappings. It is also expected that they can build and execute mappings in PowerCenter.
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Module 1: Address Validation-getting started
  • What is Address Validation?
  • The AddressDoctor 5 steps of Address Validation.
  • Locate important Informatica AddressDoctor information such as:
  • Determine the level of validation available for each country
  • Determine if geocoding is available for a country
  • Define the memory allocation and platform support required to run Informatica AddressDoctor.
Module 2: Content Management Service Settings
  • Configure the settings required to run on-premise address validation.
  • Ensure that the data is in the appropriate directory.
  • Configure the Content Management Service (CMS) settings in Informatica Administrator.
  • License
  • Data Location
  • Preload settings
Module 3: The Address Validator Transformation
  • Configure and execute a mapping to perform Address Validation using the Address Validation transformation.
  • Configure Address Validation settings such as mode and default country.
  • Select and configure the appropriate input template.
  • Configure the appropriate output ports, including CAMEO and Geocoding.
  • Differentiate between the types of AddressDoctor Reference data available.
Module 4: Exporting Address Validation mappings to PowerCenter
  • Explain the advantages of exporting Data Quality mappings to PowerCenter.
  • Test for compatibility with PowerCenter before exporting.
  • Export Address Validation Mappings from the Developer tool to PowerCenter as either mappings or mapplets.
  • Make Mapping content available in PowerCenter.
  • Address Validation Data
  • Reference Data