Data Quality: Introduction to Analyst - On Demand (DQIA-OD)(9.6)

An introduction to the Informatica Analyst Version 9.6 tool as a web-based client tool that is available to multiple Informatica products and is used by business users to collaborate on projects within an organization. This high level overview of the analyst tool introduces students to the navigation of the tool’s new project workspace and reviews the tasks, setting tasks such as creating connections, user-defined tags, performing searches, viewing assets and projects, etc.
After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Navigate the Analyst Tool
  • Be familiar with Analyst terms
  • List and describe the top 10 most commonly used menu items in the Analyst interface
  • Become acquainted with the setup of the environment such as creating connections, tagging objects, performing searches, viewing assets, viewing project security, etc
Target Audience
  • New users
  • Business and Data Analysts
  • Data Stewards
  • Windows GUI
  • A theoretical understanding of data quality processes
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Module 1: An Overview of Informatica Analyst 9.6
  • Define the Analyst tool
  • Outline Client access depending on License
  • Analyze Data Quality 9.6.0 Architecture
Module 2: Analyst Interface
  • Logging into the Analyst tool
  • Overview of Start window
  • Analyst header
  • Analyst Workspaces
  • Analyst Assets
Module 3: Library Workspace
  • Library Workspace Overview
  • Library Workspace tasks
  • Creating a tag
  • Assigning and removing tags
Module 4: Connections Workspace
  • Connections Workspace Overview
  • Connection Types & Properties
  • Creating, Editing and Deleting an Oracle Connection
Module 5: Job Status Workspace
  • Job Status Workspace Overview
  • Navigate to the Job Status Workspace
  • Job Status Properties