ILM Data Archive : Application Retirement - On Demand (ILMDA6AR-OD)(6)

Prepare to make the best use of the Informatica ILM Data Archive product with a deeper insight into ILM Data Archive Product features, its components and architecture. Perform administration activities on ILM and IDV servers. Asses the security features of the product and create/manage Users, Security groups and understand the significance of System-defined and User-defined roles.
After successfully completing this course, participants should be able to:
  • Discuss the significance of Application Retirement
  • Describe the purpose and benefits of retiring an Application using ILM Data Archive Product
  • Describe the Informatica ILM Data Archive architecture from retirement perspective
  • Perform administration activities on ILM Application server and Informatica Data Vault (FAS)
  • Create and manage Users, Security groups and understand User, System-defined roles
  • Work with the Enterprise Data Manager (EDM)
  • Work with the Informatica ILM Workbench
  • Create application retirement entity in EDM
  • Describe File Archiving Service
  • Describe the retirement process flow
  • Schedule and run an retirement job
  • Read a row count report for validation
  • Use the IDV SQL Worksheet for viewing archived records
Target Audience
  • Administrators, developers, web developers, and managers who are responsible for configuring and tailoring ILM Data Archive Software
  • For Process Owners, Project Managers, and other managers who desire a more technical view of ILM Data Archive
  • For personnel who provide presales and post-sales support for ILM Data Archive
Basic familiarity with
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Module 1. Introduction to ILM Data Archive
  • Describe the process of the Application Retirement
  • Explain Informatica’s approach to Retirement
  • Describe ILM Data Archive product overview
  • Describe ILM Architecture
Module 2. System Administration
  • Describe ILM system configuration files
  • Describe operating ILM server
  • Describe checking the status if ILM server
  • Explain locating audit log files
  • Explain File Archive Server components
  • Describe the process of operating FAS server
Module 3. Users and Security
  • Explain how to create and manage users
  • Identify system-defined roles
  • Explain administrator roles and privileges
  • Define security groups
  • Describe file archive access roles
  • Describe database users and their privileges
Module 4. Enterprise Data Manager
  • Describe EDM and its architecture
  • Explain EDM and Metadata
  • Describe the concept of Entity and Interim tables
  • Explain Accelerators
  • Explain processing metadata in EDM
Module 5. Application Retirement
  • Identify solution components involved in Retirement process
  • Explain the process of configuring Source and Target connections
  • Define Roles and associate them to users
  • Describe the process of creating and scheduling Retirement project
  • Explain accessing the retired data
Module 6. Data Discovery
  • Describe Data Discovery options
  • Explain viewing archived data using Data Discovery portal
Module 7. Retention Management
  • Describe retention policy
  • Describe Legal Hold and its salient features
  • Describe purging expired records job
Module 8. Handling External Attachments
  • Describe the process of managing external attachments
  • List the steps for working with attachments
Module 9. Data Validation Option
  • Explain the importance of DVO in an application Retirement initiative
  • Explain verifying retired data using Data Validation Option
  • Describe DVO architecture