ILM Data Archive : Mainframe Retirement - On Demand (ILMDA6MR-OD)(6)

Prepare to make the best use of Informatica ILM Data Archive and Informatica PowerExchange products for retiring mainframe applications in your environment. Follow the process of moving all the mainframe data to an optimized file archive server and create retirement and logical entities and constraints to select the metadata that is used to select the data to be moved
After successfully completing this course, participants should be able to:
  • Discuss the significance of Application Retirement
  • Work with Informatica Power Exchange to handle mainframe database
    • Explain the role of Power Exchange in an App. Retirement initiative
    • Create Data Maps
    • Define connections to access remote mainframe data
    • Set up ODBC connection using Power Exchange driver
  • Mine the mainframe database on Informatica ILM Data Archive
  • Create Retirement Entities
  • Create Retirement Project
  • Schedule the Project
  • Validate the data relocated to File Archive Server
Target Audience
  • Administrators, developers, web developers, and managers who are responsible for configuring and tailoring ILM Data Archive Software
  • For Process Owners, Project Managers, and other managers who desire a more technical view of ILM Data Archive
  • For personnel who provide presales and post-sales support for ILM Data Archive
Show details
1. PowerExchange Overview
  • Explain the role of PowerExchange in an application Retirement initiative on Informatica ILM Data Archive Software
  • Explain creating Data Maps
  • Define connections to access remote non-relational data
  • Describe setting up ODBC connection using PowerExchange drive
2. Retirement Process
  • Describe Application Retirement process
  • Explain various Application Retirement solution components