ILM Data Archive : Smart Partitioning - On Demand (ILMDA6SP-OD)(6)

This onDemand course will prepare you to make the best use of Informatica's ILM Data Archive product in your environment. Users learn to adopt the ILM Data Archive Software for segmenting `data' in production databases which causes a slow, steady decline in the responsiveness of critical programs, the generation of reports, and the ability of business users to process transactions. Learners are offered a deep insight into ILM Data Archive Product features, its components and architecture. Furthermore learn the security features of the product and then create and manage ILM Users, Security groups and understand the significance of System-defined and User-defined roles. Post Segmentation Activities are also discussed in detail. Each step is demonstrated by labs.
After successfully completing this course, participants should be able to:
  • Describe the Informatica ILM Archive Smart Partitioning capability
  • Perform Administration routines on ILM Server
  • Create and manage Users, Security groups and understand System-defined roles
  • Know the critical Smart Partitioning words
  • Work with the Enterprise Data Manager
  • Create Smart Partitioning Entity and add constraints, entity driving table
  • Define Dimension and Business Rules
  • Create Storage and Data Classification
  • Create New Segmentation Policy
  • Define Access Policy
  • Perform post segmentation activities
  • Segment data in Accounts Payable (AP) module in Oracle e-business suite
  • Pre-process the Business Rules using Interim Tables
Target Audience
  • Administrators, developers, and managers who are responsible for configuring and tailoring ILM Data Archive Software for Smart Partitioning.
  • Process Owners, Project Managers, and other managers who desire a more technical view of ILM Data Archive Software.
  • Channel partners and implementers.
  • Personnel who provide presales and post-sales support for ILM Data Archive.
Show details
Module 1: Overview
  • Process of Smart Partitioning
  • Informatica’s approach to smart partitioning
  • ILM Data Archive Architecture
  • Key terminology used in Smart Partitioning
Module 2: System Administration
  • System Configuration Files
  • ILM Server
  • Audit Log Files
  • Database privileges and email notification concepts
Module 3: Users & Security
  • Create and Manage users
  • System Defined Roles
  • Administrator roles and privileges
  • Security Groups
  • Database users and privileges
Module 4: Enterprise Data Manager
  • Enterprise Data Manager features and architecture
  • Enterprise Data Manager role
  • Segmentation Groups and dimension
  • Application Accelerator benefits and end-user partitioning data
Module 5: Segmentation Process
  • Division of application data into segments
  • Pre-segmentation and segmentation phases
Module 6: Post Segmentation Activities
  • Access policy
  • Managing segments
Module 7: Segmenting Oracle e-Business
  • Preparation of e-biz instance for partitioning
  • Smart partitioning on ILM workbench