Informatica Analyst (INFA)(10)

Learn to use Informatica Analyst and Developer tools to create projects and objects, profile data, and identify anomalies in order to develop a better understanding of internal data sets. Discover how to better understand data relationships and data quality by using profiling results, building Reference Tables and Scorecards, and managing Exceptions and Duplicate record tasks. This course is applicable to software versions 10x.
After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Navigate through the Informatica Analyst tool.
  • Creating projects and setting permissions.
  • Physical and Logical data objects.
  • Perform Column and Rule Profiling
  • Apply rules in Mapping Specifications
  • Create and manage reference tables
  • Rule specifications
  • Perform Scorcarding
  • Task management
Target Audience
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analyst
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1. Data Objects
  • Create projects and assign project permissions
  • Understand the types of data objects that exist in Informatica version 10
  • Import flat files and relational table physical data objects
2. Profiling, Mapping Specifications, Rules, and Collaboration
  • Introduction to profiling
  • Column and Rule profiling in Informatica Analyst
  • Building and mapping specification
  • Rule profiling
3. Reference Table Management
  • Create reference tables and import flat files
  • Create managed and unmanaged reference tables
4. Rule Specifications
  • Convert business rules into logical objects that analyze business data
  • Understand the use of reference tables with a rule specification
5. Scorecarding
  • Understand how to build and configure a scorecard by applying Pre-built rules
  • Specify valid column values
6. Task Management
  • Manage exception records
  • Consolidate duplicate records