Identity Resolution: Administration (IRADMIN)

This two day class covers the administration of Informatica Identity Resolution systems. Administration consists of maintenance, use, and operation. Topics include IIR installation, product overview, configuration, System creation, operations, and basic tuning. IIR installation will be done on a MS Windows platform, though the product supports UNIX platforms. IIR configuration and creation consist of creating, editing, and testing IIR systems. The course includes seven labs where the participant installs the product, works with the Workbench, loads System Definition files that create indexes from flat file and relational database data, there is a workshop, and batch match file generation, and lastly basic tuning options.
After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Install IIR
  • Perform simple maintenance in the Workbench
  • Configure multiple IIR systems
  • Load IIR Systems (Load IDT)
  • Search and analyze results (Relate)
  • The student will be able to describe and apply match purposes and search types
  • The student will be able to load both RDBMS and flat file data into indexes and search on those indexes
  • The student will be able to describe the uses of the web client
Target Audience
  • All
  • Data Quality concepts, data matching in particular
  • Database concepts and technology
  • MS Windows operating system
Show details
1. Introduction
  • The identity problem
  • The identity Solution
  • Implementation Scenarios
2. IIR/NAME3 Overview and Installation
  • Platform support
  • Overview
  • Prerequisites
  • Database configuration
  • IIR/Name3 Installation
  • Post install testing/configuration
3. SSA-NAME3 Overview
  • Word/name variation
  • Solution Criteria
  • Concepts and Terminology
  • Fuzzy Keys
  • Two Step approach
  • Populations
  • Multiple Keys
4. IIR Overview
  • IIR advantages/Approach
  • Search
  • Matching
  • Solution
5. IIR System Definition File
  • IIR Overview
  • Establishing a System
6. Operations
  • IIR Server Components
  • IIR Web Client
  • Using Relate (batch search)
  • Dup Finder
  • Update Synchronizer
7. Population Override Manager
  • Purpose of the Population Override Manager
  • Edit List Rules
  • Frequency Tables
  • Population Rules
  • Add a new Population Rule
  • Common Uses for Population Rule Override Rules
  • Purpose Override
  • Testing New Rules
8. Trouble shooting
  • IIR Trouble shooting
  • IIR Error Reporting
  • Common Errors and Possible Causes
  • What to send to Technical Support
  • Debugging Unexpected Match Results