MDM: Configuring Hierarchy Manager (MDMCHM)(10)

This course is applicable for versions 9 and 10. Learn the concepts of hierarchies, configure entity objects, entity types, hierarchies, relationship base objects, relationship types, and profiles in the Hierarchy Manager. Pre-Requisite: MDM: Multidomain Edition Configuration.
After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Describe hierarchies
  • List the components of hierarchies
  • Create entities and entity types
  • Define relationships and relationship types
  • Configure profiles
  • Deploy hierarchies
Target Audience
  • Target Audience
  • Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Steward
MDM: Multidomain Edition Configuration (Instructor Led OR onDemand)
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Module 1: Introduction
  • Challenges of managing relationships
  • Objectives of hierarchy management
  • Review the scenario used for the lab exercises in this course
Module 2: Enabling Hierarchy Manager
  • Hierarchy Manager for an MDM Operational Reference Store
  • System repository base objects (RBOs)
Module 3: Entities and Entity Types
  • Entity Base Objects
  • Entity Types
Module 4: Hierarchies, Relationships and Relationship Types
  • Hierarchies and Relationships
  • Relationship Types
Module 5: HM Packages
  • Package for a relationship object
  • Build a package for a FK relationship object
  • Generate a package for an entity object
Module 6: HM Profiles
  • New profile creation
  • Assign packages to a profile
Module 7: Loading Data and Testing HM Configuration
  • Load data and test our HM Configuration