MDM: Configuring Informatica Data Director - On Demand (MDMCIDD-OD)(10.1)

This course is an overview of the Master Data Management concept using the Informatica MDM Data Director tool. It will cover essential terminology and concepts used for developing the IDD applications which are necessary to understand what goes into an IDD implementation. This course is applicable to software version 10.1.
After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Describe terms and concepts around MDM and Data Governance
  • Use MDM components
  • Create an IDD application and configure application-level properties
  • Create subject areas and subject area groups
  • Relate base object relationships with subject area relationships
  • Configure lookups
  • Utilize MDM Hub cleanse functions from within the IDD application
  • Configure data search capabilities
  • Import and export bulk master data within IDD
  • Track data changes with timeline
  • Access hierarchies from IDD
  • Configure workflows, tasks, and IDD security
  • Localize an IDD application and configure custom help
  • Configure IDD application to access Hierarchy Manager
  • Customize user interface extensions
  • Learn and use e360 framework
  • Learn and understand the usage of the Provisioning tool
Target Audience
Data Governance Manager
Database concepts and technologies
Show details
Module 1: Introduction
  • Master Data Definition
  • Challenges of master data across applications
  • Data Governance and its Framework
  • Primary drivers for Data Governance
  • MDM Hub with Informatica Data Director (IDD)
  • Key functionalities of Informatica Data Director (IDD)
  • IDD Components and preconfiguration steps
  • Configuring custom start page for a role
Module 2: Components of an IDD Application
  • IDD Configuration Manager
  • Components of an IDD application and options
  • Binding an IDD schema
  • IDD application as a source system
  • Trust in the MDM Hub
  • Assigning the highest trust source system used for the IDD application
  • Creating and binding a new IDD application to an ORS
Module 3: Subject Areas and their Relationships
  • Subject Area Group Overview
  • Creating a Subject Area Group
  • The Subject Area purpose
  • MDM Hub and Subject Areas and Subject Area Groups
  • Relating a MDM Hub Multidomain data model and an IDD Subject Area
  • Subject Area descriptions and associations
  • Search Result Display Packages
  • Configuring the layout of a Subject Area
  • Creating child subject area relationships
  • Grandchild subject area relationships
  • Sibling references
  • Including parent data in a subject area
  • Filtering child records
Module 4: Lookups and Data View Features
  • The purpose of lookups
  • Dropdown lookup fields
  • Dependent lookups
  • Lookup tables with a subtype column
  • Localizing lookup values
  • Entity Search lookups
Module 5: Data Cleansing, Standardization, and Validation
  • Review the cleanse, standardization, and validation capabilities
  • Cleansing primary and child objects
  • ValidationStatus cleanse parameters
  • Using and testing a cleanse function
Module 6: Search and Match Master Data
  • Types of search provided in IDD
  • Basic Search
  • Extended Search
  • Configuring Extended Search Capabilities
  • Finding Duplicates for New and Existing Records
  • Advanced Search
  • Advanced Query Builder tool
  • Configuring and performing Smart Searches
Module 7: Master Data Imports and Exports
  • Export Profiles
  • Import Profiles
  • Data Import Templates
  • Using the Configuration Manager
  • Using the Import Wizard
Module 8: Managing Data Change Events
  • Timeline feature
  • Effective Dates and History
  • Timeline scenarios
  • Determining the active version
  • Leveraging timeline rules
  • Enabling timeline in the MDM Hub
  • Timeline state management
  • New and future records creation with the timeline feature
  • Viewing and searching for timeline records
Module 9: Configuring IDD for Hierarchies
  • Hierarchy in MDM
  • Hierarchy components
  • Hierarchy Manager in MDM and IDD
Module 10: Workflow and Security
  • Workflow definition
  • State management in IDD workflows
  • Workflow Configuration in IDD
  • Task Notification and Assignment engines