MDM Product 360 : Advanced Export - On Demand (MDMP360AE-OD)

Learn to leverage Product 360 export functionality to support organizational web interface requirements in this process oriented class. Through a series of demonstrations and exercises, students review specifications, design/develop multi file export templates, develop a preview template for product review and create a data quality report for content validation applied during an export.
After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Describe Product360 Data Model, Data Sources, Modules vs. Sub Modules
  • Interpret and implement interface specifications
  • Design/Develop complex multi-file export interface to support customer's web shop
  • Export Features and Attributes with meta data information
  • Use functions in export templates
  • Create configurable and flexible exports
Target Audience
  • Developers
  • End Users
PIM 7.1 (Product 360): New User Extended - (OnDemand)
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Module 1: Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • Introduction to HENRI
Module 2: MDM Product360 Data Model Revisited
  • Data Model
  • Structures and Feature Inheritance
Module 3: MDM Product360 Export Basics Revisited
  • Overview of Export Functionality
  • Creating a Product Attribute List
Module 4: Creating a Complex Web Shop Export
  • Understanding the Specification
  • Exporting Structure Groups
  • Exporting the Feature Pool
  • Exporting Items and Products: Basic Data
  • Exporting Items and Products: Attributes and References
  • Exporting Items and Products: Prices
Module 5: HTML Previews
  • HTML Preview Basics
  • Creating an HTML Data Sheet
Module 6: Data Quality in Export
  • Data Quality Options in Export
  • Creating an Excel Report on
  • Data Quality