Multidomain MDM: Entity 360 for Developers (MMDME360D)(10.2)

This course is applicable to users of MDM versions 10.2.x and above. Learn to configure the major components of Entity 360 for the maintenance and consumption of Master Data. Leverage the Entity 360 tools to define core business entities, relationships, transformations, and configure customized user interface components.
After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Describe the MDM Tool spectrum
  • Define and manage business entities, reference entities
  • Configure relationships between entities
  • Identify how lookups impact the entity 360 application
  • Describe functionality across IDD classic and Entity 360
  • Onboard data through flat file import
  • Describe alternate options to add master data
  • Explore search capabilities
  • Customize smart search
  • Define Data transformations
  • Describe workflow engines
  • Perform external cleansing
  • Define Entity 360 security
Target Audience
  • Developer
  • Data Steward
  • MDM: Multidomain Edition Configuration (Instructor Led or onDemand)
  • MDM: Configuring Hierarchy Manager (Instructor Led or onDemand)
  • For Developers only
Show details
Module 1: Introduction
  • Master Data Overview
  • MDM tool spectrum and user matrix
  • IDD classic and subject areas
  • Entity 360 and the provisioning tool
Module 2: Entity 360
  • Feature comparison of IDD classic and Entity 360
  • MDM Entity 360 architecture
  • Entity 360 integration options
  • Components of Entity 360
Module 3: Onboard Data
  • Flat file import
  • Other ways to add master data
  • Cleansing data
Module 4: Transformations
  • Business Entity to Entity 360 View
  • Entity 360 View to Business Entity View
  • Business Entity View to Business Entity View
  • Business Entity View to XML
  • XML to Business Entity View
Module 5: Manage Data
  • Workflow components
  • Hierarchy Manager integration
Module 6: Configure Entity 360 UI
  • Custom user interface components
  • Custom Entity 360 components
Module 7: Additional Capabilities
  • Custom help
  • Backup and restore
  • DaaS
  • Troubleshooting and log files