Metadata Manager - On Demand (MMGR-OD)

Examine the fundamentals of Metadata Manager including terminology and architecture. Learn the process of loading metadata from a variety of diverse applications and become familiar with the metadata catalog and utilize lineage to solve real-world problems. This course is applicable to software version 10.1.
After successfully completing this course, participants should be able to:
  • Explain metadata concepts and terminologies
  • Load and link metadata
  • Load metadata using pre-packaged models and XConnects
  • Design a custom model to represent metadata
  • Create and execute custom XConnects
  • Import Business Glossary
  • Link Business Glossary terms with physical data assets
Target Audience
  • Metadata Manager
  • Data Steward
  • Data Analyst
  • Administrator
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Module 1: Overview
  • Metadata Manager overview
  • Metadata Manager concepts
  • Terminologies, architecture, user interface, and permissions
Module 2: Loading Metadata with Packaged XConnect
  • Loading and linking metadata
  • Monitoring a load
  • Creating universal resources using
  • Universal Connectivity Framework
  • Creating universal Xconnect that represents the metadata source type
  • Image mapping information
  • Creating Xconnect model from plug-in
  • Updating/deleting a universal Xconnect
  • Load metadata using pre-packaged models and Xconnects
  • Metadata Manager views
  • Metadata Manager database model for reporting
Module 3: Loading Metadata with Custom XConnect
  • Extending packaged models
  • Extending out-of-the-box models
  • Designing a custom model to represent metadata
  • Creating and executing custom Xconnects to load the unusable metadata
  • Defining lineage relationships
  • Populating a user-defined model
  • Load templates overview
  • Load template expressions
  • Enumerated links file properties
Module 4: Business Glossary Xconnect
  • Import business glossary
  • Category and business term details
  • Reference tables overview
  • Relationships for business glossary objects
  • Relationships to PowerCenter objects
  • Business glossary Xconnect
  • Linking to Analyst tool
  • Linking business glossary terms with physical data assets