NetWorker Implementation and Management (MR-1CP-NIAM)

This course provides participants with the knowledge and basic skills necessary to install, configure, maintain and monitor NetWorker. The course contains lectures, hands-on labs and video demonstrations to provide experience with specific concepts.

This course is intended for system administrators, partners, and software support specialists who install, configure and support NetWorker in Windows and Linux environments.

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills
To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student must have a suitable knowledgebase/skill set. The student must have an understanding of:
-  Backup and recovery concepts and principles
-  Windows or Linux system administration
-  Network administration in a TCP/IP environment
-  SAN and storage device concepts
Completion of the NetWorker Fundamentals eLearning course is a prerequisite.

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:
-  Install NetWorker and NetWorker Management Console
-  Use NetWorker resources and administrative interfaces
-  Configure and perform backup and restore operations
-  Manage NetWorker media and devices
-  Manage NetWorker databases
-  Perform cloning and staging
-  Generate NetWorker reports
-  Describe how to back up Windows hosts for disaster recovery
-  Explain how to configure NetWorker in a cluster environment
-  Backup and recover the NetWorker Management Console and NetWorker servers

Course Outline
The content of this course is designed to support the course objectives.
+  Module: NetWorker Overview
? Lesson: NetWorker Concepts and Terminology
? Lesson: NetWorker Process and Backup Flow
? Lesson: NetWorker Control Data
+  Module: NetWorker Planning and Installation
? Lesson: Performing Pre-installation Planning
? Lesson: NetWorker Licensing
? Lesson: Installing NetWorker and NMC
? Lesson: Controlling NetWorker Processes
? Lab: NetWorker Installation
? Demo: Deploy and Configure an NVE
+  Module: Media Tracking and Management
? Lesson: NetWorker Pools
? Lab: NetWorker Pools
+  Module: Performing Backups
? Lesson: Data Protection Policies
? Lesson: Scheduling and Monitoring Backups
? Lesson: Advanced Backup Options
? Lesson: VMware Backup Options
? Lab: Configuring Backups
+  Module: Configuring and Managing Devices
? Lesson: Devices Overview
? Lesson: Using Disk Devices
? Lesson: Using Tape Devices
? Lesson: Configuring and Managing Library Resources
? Lab: Configuring Devices
? Demo: Configuring Library Devices
+  Module: NetWorker Database Management
? Lesson: Viewing and Managing Tracking Data
? Lesson: Manual Management of the NetWorker Databases
? Lab: NetWorker Databases
+  Module: Performing NetWorker Recoveries
? Lesson: NetWorker Recovery Overview
? Lesson: Performing Recoveries by File Selection
? Lesson: Performing Save Set Recoveries
? Lesson: Performing Directed Recoveries
? Lesson: Performing Filesystem Snapshot Recoveries
? Lab: NetWorker Recoveries
+  Module: Performing Cloning and Staging
? Lesson: Performing Cloning
? Lesson: Performing Clone Controlled Replication
? Lesson: Performing NetWorker Staging
? Lab: Configuring Cloning and Staging
+  Module: NetWorker Security
? Lesson: NetWorker Security Features Overview
? Lesson: NetWorker Authentication
? Lesson: NetWorker User Groups
? Lesson: NetWorker Logs
? Lesson: Configuring NetWorker in a Firewall Environment
? Lab: NetWorker Authentication, User Groups and Logs
+  Module: Administering NetWorker
? Lesson: Events and Reporting
? Lesson: Managing NetWorker Parallelism
? Lesson: Software Distribution
? Lesson: Multi-tenancy
? Lab: NetWorker Administration
+  Module: Recovering Windows Hosts and Cluster Environments
? Lesson: Recovery for NetWorker Windows Client Hosts
? Lesson: Backup and Recovery of Cluster Environments
+  Module: Recovering NetWorker and NMC Servers
? Lesson: Protecting the Console and NetWorker Server Databases
? Lesson: Recovering the NetWorker Server and NMC
? Lab: Backup and Recovery of NMC and NetWorker Databases
In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes labs designed to allow practical experience for the participant.