ViPR SRM for Storage Administrators (MR-1CP-VIPRSFSA)

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:
? Describe the architecture and benefits of ViPR SRM
? Demonstrate use of the ViPR SRM Dashboard to manage storage
? Define and establish capacity planning in the storage environment
? Monitor and analyze performance indications
? Explore and maintain Service Levels and Chargeback accounting
? Describe compliance management via ViPR SRM
? Use operational alerts to enhance storage situational awareness
? Create reports in user dashboards

Course Outline

The content of this course is designed to support the course objectives.
? Module 1 Overview of ViPR SRM
o Lesson1: Architecture and benefits of ViPR SRM
o Lab: Connecting to the ViPR SRM Application
? Module 2 Using the ViPR SRM Dashboards
o Lesson 1: Available Global Dashboards
o Lesson 2: Exploring Configuration Items
o Lab: Global Dashboard Review
? Module 3 Capacity Planning
o Lesson 1: Capacity Usage Trends
o Lab: Capacity trends
o Lesson 2: Forecasting Capacity Problems
o Lab: Forecasting Capacity Problems
o Lesson 3: Understanding the Report Library Capacity Reports
o Lesson 4: ?What if? Scenarios
o Lesson 5: Workload Distribution
? Module 4 Alerting in ViPR SRM
o Lesson 1: Alert sources and mechanisms in ViPR SRM
o Lesson 2: Storage Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
o Lab: Examining Alerts in ViPR SRM
? Module 5 Service Levels and Chargeback Accounting
o Lesson 1: Service Levels
o Lesson 2: Modifying Storage Service Levels
o Lab: Service Level Consumption
o Lesson 3: Chargeback Reports
o Lab: Chargeback Reporting
? Module 6 Performance Reporting
o Lesson 1: Performance Metrics and Graphs
o Lab: Performance Reporting and Analysis
? Module 7 Report Customization in ViPR SRM
o Lesson 1: Basics of Reporting
o Lesson 2: Report Wizard Overview
o Lab: Using the Report Wizard
o Lesson 3: Modifying Reports
o Lab: Create,Copy,and Modify Reports
o Lesson 4: Key Concepts of Reporting
Lab: Create and Modify a Personal Dashboard

In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes labs designed to allow practical experience for the participant.