Secure@Source: Data Security Deep Dive - On Demand (SSDSDD-OD)(3)

The Informatica Secure@Source course covers Product Installation, architecture, server management, configuration, discovery, dashboard, user access and activity, security policy and actions and anomaly detection. This course is applicable for software version 3.0.
After successfully completing this course, participants should be able to:
  • Identify the salient features of Informatica Secure@Source including its functional architecture
  • Install Informatica Platform, create Application Services, Secure@Source
  • Configure Users, roles, and privileges for enterprise-wide implementation
  • Configure Secure@Source
  • Data Discovery in Secure@Source
  • Overview of Secure@Source Dashboard
  • Concept of User Access
  • Detect User Activity
  • User Behavior Analytics
  • Discuss Security Policies, Actions, and Violations
Target Audience
  • Business Analyst
  • Administrator
  • Architect
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Module 1: Introduction to Informatica Secure@Source
  • Overview of Informatica Secure@Source
  • Key features of Secure@Source
  • Secure@Source as a solution
  • Key benefits of Secure@Source
Module 2: Architecture
  • Secure@Source – Functional & Technical Architecture for ease of implementation
  • Secure@Source and Hadoop ecosystem
  • Deployment Architecture
Module 3: Product Installation
  • Pre-requisites for Secure@Source - Install Informatica Platform; Create Application Services
  • EBFs and how apply them
  • Installation of Secure@Source Service
  • Creation of Secure@Source Service
  • Validatation of the Product Installation
Module 4: Server Management
  • Server Operations - Informatica Domain; Secure@Source; Hadoop
  • Identify Environment Variables
  • Logs Management
  • License Management
Module 5: Configuration
  • Locations
  • Data Store Groups
  • Data Domains
  • Classification Policies
  • System Settings
Module 6: Discovery
  • Data Discovery in Secure@Source - Data Store(s); Data Store – Properties
  • Data Discovery of - Relational Sources; Cloud application; BDM, ICS; HDFS, S3
  • Scans
  • Jobs
Module 7: Dashboard
  • Outline of Secure@Source Dashboard
  • Enterprise Level Summary
  • Sensitive Data Grouping
  • Dashboard customization
  • Summary Analytics
  • Global tagging and filtering
  • Top Data Domain Analysis
Module 8: User Access
  • Overview of User Access
  • List key components of User Access – Users; Groups; Group Memberships; User Access; User Aliases
  • User Access Widget in the Dashboard
  • SFDC Integration
  • LDAP Integration
Module 9: Security Policy
  • Policy framework
  • Security policies for data stores, user activity & anomalies
  • Expanded match criteria
  • Boolean rule construction
  • Default (email) and custom (script) actions
Module 10: User Activity
  • Get an Overview of User Activity
  • Simulator Event Generation
  • User Activity concepts
  • Top Users
  • Impressions
  • Import User Activity data
  • Top User Widget
Module 11: User Behavior Analytics (UBA)
  • Anomaly detection
  • Security violations
Module 12: Security
  • Get an Overview of Security in Informatica Secure@Source
  • Key components of Operational Security
  • Roles and Privileges
  • How to control access to Data Store(s)
  • Concept of nested access to Data Store(s)
  • Secure@Source service privileges and custom roles