Test Data Management: Administration - On Demand (TDMADM-OD)(9.7.1)

This course provides students with the fundamental knowledge for working with Informatica Test Data Management. Focused on teaching students about TDM installation, basic architecture, and configuration. This course is applicable for product version 9.7.1.
After successfully completing this course, participants should be able to:
  • Identify the features of Informatica TDM including its functional architecture
  • Install Informatica Platform, create Application Services and TDM on a server
  • Access Informatica Administrator console and get the knowhow of TDM services
  • Perform Administration routines to operationalize the server
  • Configure users, roles, and privileges for enterprise-wide implementation
  • Open TDM homepage URL and access TDM Administrator to manage TDM utilities
Target Audience
  • Technical Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Product Configuration Specialists
  • Testing Professionals
PowerCenter: Administrator (Optional)
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Module 1: Introduction to Test Data Management
  • Overview of Informatica Test Data Management (TDM)
  • TDM – Functional Architecture
  • Test Data Manager as a Solution
Module 2: Product Installation
  • Pre-requisites - Install Informatica Platform; Create Application Services
  • Apply EBFs (if applicable)
  • TDM Service Installation
  • TDM Service Creation
Module 3: Architecture
  • TDM Solution Architecture
  • Interaction of TDM Service with Informatica Application Services
  • Role of Informatica Application Services in Test Data Management
Module 4: Server Management
  • Server Operations
  • Logs Management
  • License Management
Module 5: Server Configuration
  • TDM Administrator utilities
  • Security – Users, Roles and Privileges
  • TDM Commands (CLI)
Module 6: Connection Management
  • Create and Manage Connections
  • Connection permissions
  • Import Connections