Test Data Management: Fundamentals - On Demand (TDMFUN-OD)(10)

Applicable for product version 9.7.1. A review of Informatica Test Data Management covering the Product’s functional components such Enterprise Data Discovery, Persistent Data Masking and Subset
After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:
  • Identify the salient features of Informatica TDM including its functional architecture
  • Create and Manage Projects in TDM
  • Discovery of data in TDM
  • List out the options to mask the data used for testing (Persistent Masking)
  • Perform subset operations for testing (Subset)
  • Import Profiling results from Informatica Developer (IDE)
  • Configure Data Masking in Hadoop environment
Target Audience
  • Administrators
  • Architect
  • Business Analyst
PowerCenter: Developer, Level 1 - Optional (onDemand)
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Module 1: Introduction to Test Data Management
  • Overview of Informatica Test Data Management (TDM)
  • TDM – Functional Architecture
  • Test Data Manager as a Solution
Module 2A: TDM – Product Features
  • Managing Projects
  • Import / Export Projects
  • Import Data Sources
Module 2B: TDM – Product Features
  • Setting up Target Data
Module 3: Discovery
  • Concept of Discovery / Profiling in TDM
  • Setting up data domains
  • Discovery of Sensitive fields
  • Discovery of Primary keys, Columns and Entities
  • Importing profile results from Informatica Developer (IDE)
Module 4: Data Masking (Persistent)
  • Masking Policies
  • Standard, Custom & Advanced Masking Rules
  • Rule Simulation
  • Import/Export policies and rules
  • Masking Rule assignments
  • Create a plan for masking source data
  • Repeatable masking, staging & storage tables
  • Plan properties specific to masking
  • Over-ride properties
Module 5: Data Subset
  • Managing entities and groups
  • Major and Minor relationships, Data Integrity for Subset
  • Optimize relationship types
  • Types of criteria that can be applied (value, number of records, percentage of source, advanced criteria)
Module 6: Masking in Hadoop
  • Persistent Data Masking for Hadoop
  • Data Masking On Hadoop v9.7 Use Cases
  • Product Configuration for Masking in Hadoop