IBM Cognos - Workspace Introduction v10.2.1 (WBT) (U5BQB20G)


IBM Cognos Workspace Introduction is a four hour, self-paced, online interactive training course. Students will have access to the web-based training for up to 30 days. IBM Cognos Workspace is a web-based tool that allows you to use IBM Cognos content and external data sources to build sophisticated interactive workspaces that provide insight and facilitate collaborative decision making.Students will learn to open and modify Workspaces dashboards and then create their own dashboards for deeper analysis.


Knowledge of the use of a web browser to access the corporate intranet environment is assumed.  Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and basic navigation.



Course Objectives

  • Understand IBM Cognos Workspace and Workspace Advanced
  • Create workspaces
  • View and interact with workspaces
  • Collaborate with IBM Cognos Workspace


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Course Outline

  • Understand Differences Between Workspace And Workspace Advanced
  • Become Familiar With The Workspace User Interface
Create Workspaces
  • Editing Widget Properties
  • Modifying The Workspace Layout
  • Editing The Workspace Style
  • Setting Personal Perferences
Viewing And Interacting With Workspaces
  • Opening And Sharing A Workspace
  • Refreshing Workspace Widgets
  • Displaying Data In Lists, Crosstabs, And Charts
  • Filtering Report Data
  • Sorting Data In Lists, Crosstabs, And Charts
  • Adding Simple Calculations In Lists And Crosstabs
  • Printing A Workspace
  • Creating Pdf Files From Workspace Widgets
  • Exporting Workspace Widgets To Different Formats
Collaborating With Ibm Cognos Workspace
  • Collaborating Using Comments
  • Collaborating Using Ibm Connections Activities