IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel v10.2.1 (WBT) (U5BQB22G)


IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel ? BI is a four hour, self-paced, online interactive training course. Students will have access for up to 30 days. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence delivers the complete range of BI capabilities on a single, service-oriented architecture.  IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel enables business analysts, financial analysts, and business managers to explore and analyze data from IBM Cognos Business Intelligence and IBM Cognos TM1 without the support of the IT department. Students will be able to create spreadsheet reports from multidimensional IBM Cognos TM1 models, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.  Retain the power of Microsoft Excel functionality and formatting while integrating with data between IBM Cognos TM1 and share results with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence-sourced reports in Cognos dashboards and reports


Knowledge of the use of a web browser to access the corporate intranet environment is assumed.  Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and basic navigation.



Course Objectives

  • Explore and Analyze Data
  • Retain Excel Functionality and Formatting
  • Share Results
  • Extend Analysis Capabilities
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Course Outline

  • Cognos BI Basic Components
  • Web Based
  • Windows-based Multi-tier Architecture
  • IBM Cognos Solutions
  • Defining Reporting Sources
Explore and Analyze Data
  • Navigate Add-In
  • Create Spreadsheets From A Cognos TM1 Model
  • Select & Filter Data
  • Define Layouts 
Retain Excel Functionality & Formating
  • Format Business Scenarios Using Microsoft Excel
  • Create Objects And Subsets In Cognos TM1 Models
  • Use Flex View To Weave Cube Views with User-Defined Excel Formatting & Calculations
Share Results