IBM Cognos TM1 Applications v10.2.2 (WBT) (U5BQB25G)


IBM Cognos TM1 Applications ?is a four hour self-paced, online interactive training course. Students will have access to the web-based training for up to 30 days. TM1 is a technology based on On-Line Analytical Processing or OLAP.  With TM1, you can quickly view and understand large sets of Complex business data.  Analysts and Managers can use TM1 Perspectives and Microsoft Excel, and Server Explorer to analyze their business performance.  Business analysts, contributors, and reviewers can use IBM Cognos Applications to navigate and interact with TM1 multidimensional cubes. Attendees will learn to navigate and interact with TM1 multidimensional cubes in order to analyze and modify data.


A knowledge of your organization?s data and structure, as well as Microsoft Excel experience, is necessary.



Course Objectives

use TM1 for model analyzes
explore model data
modify data within Websheets
perform What If Analysis

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Course Outline

  • IBM Cognos TM1 Applications Analysis Objectives
Multidimensional Business Data
  • What is TM1
  • What is OLAP
  • TM1 Components
  • End User Tools
Multi-Dimensional Analysis
  • Dimensions
  • Elements
  • Explore TM1 Applications
  • Moving or Swapping Dimensions
  • Drilling
  • The Toolbar
  • Subset Editor
  • Displaying an Alias
  • Filtering Elements
  • User Defined Consolidations
  • Sorting Data
Performing What If Anaylsis
  • Data Entry Techniques  within Cube Views & Websheets
  • Creating and Deleting a Sandbox
  • Adding data to a Sandbox
  • Submitting a Sandbox
  • Commit and Submit Data