Urodynamics Hands-On Seminar and Workshop (UDS2018)

Course description:

- A 2.5 day seminar / workshop
- Practical instruction and experience of
techniques of bladder function investigation
- Each registrant will observe 3 actual patient

Course objective:

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be
able to run a basic urodynamics examination of high
quality including:
- Set up and calibration of urodynamics
- Recognition and correction of artefacts in
urodynamics investigations
- Understanding of urinary tract dysfunction
and how it is demonstrated by urodynamics
- Recognition of abnormalities of bladder
emptying, including urethral obstruction.
- Interpretation of the study adequate to
conduct it appropriately and independently

CPD information:


Participants in the RACP MyCPD Program may apply
for CPD credits under “Category 4: Structured Learning
Projects” at 3 credits per hour.


Pending Approval for 18 points to eligible Fellows for
full course attendance.

Pending Approval for 21 points