IBM Hardware Sales Workshop (HSW-01)

This course intends to convert reactive Sales people into Trusted Advisors, increasing the number of opportunities and their ratio close.
We also are trying to produce a mindset change, understanding how Hardware solutions support Software and Cloud Solutions in the actual marketplace.
Objective of this workshop:
The workshop concepts and practices will help IBM Partners consolidate their position in a challenging current scenario. Boosting specific sales team skills (sales, pre-sales and post-sales) is particularly important this year in which the circumstances of each country's scenario in Latin America are and will continue to be particularly complex.
During this "IBM Hardware Sales Workshop", we go through the methods and techniques of the good art of selling, focused on the best practices of successful sellers with a strong emphasis on planning, doing and participating without Neglect the relevant theoretical concepts.
The integration between Sales, Pre-Sales and Services teams will be reinforced and stimulated by the Role Playing’s in which all will participate.
Basic-Intermediate Workshop: 2 (two) days Full Time
The courses are for basic and intermediate Sales & PreSales profiles inside each Business Partner, with basic knowledge about sales and technical contents for Hardware solutions.
It’s required that each student meets a minimum basic skill to take these classes, understand basic concepts of what is a Storage, Power and Mainframe solution (technical information).
After two days of Classroom training, the participants will have covered the topics indicated below with an eminently practical approach, using the case method with an important individual and group participation focused mainly on migrating the focus to the sale of solutions (consultative sale) Versus the sale of products.