SAN Management (MR-1CP-SANMGMT)

Overview:This course is intended for individuals who will perform SAN management activities usingvendor or EMC tools. The Connectrix family of switches are managed to provideconnectivity to host and storage through a SAN. SAN switches are administered through their CLI and GUI management tools for configuration in a multi-switch fabric and to enable communication between the hosts and storage. Fibre Channel, FCIP, iSCSI and FCoE environments are presented for management and switch configuration along with NPIV and NPV. The concepts of EMC SAN best practices, performance monitoring, basictroubleshooting and security are also addressed.

Who should attend this Class:
This course is intended for anyone who presently plans to manage Storage Area Networks in an EMC storage environment.

To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student must have a suitable knowledgebase/skill set. The student must have   an understanding of:
SAN protocols and devices
EMC Storage Area Network (SAN) concepts
Familiarity with operating system and storage array administration

Course Objectives:
Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:
Identify SAN components and list current EMC Connectrix connectivity options, and management tools
Perform basic maintenance and configuration tasks on EMC Connectrix BSeries and MDS-Series switches
Describe security options for a SAN 
Show the software licensing options for each Connectrix family of switches
Configure virtualization features in a SAN, including VSANs, Virtual Fabrics, NPIV, NPV and Access Gateway
Manage zoning
Describe the components of a Fibre Channel fabric
Expand a Fibre Channel fabric by merging switches
Extend a Fibre Channel Fabric using a FCIP tunnel
Configure a native iSCSI SAN
Describe a basic FCoE configuration
Perform basic troubleshooting using SAN Management tools

Duration:5 days
Mostrar detalhes
Course Outline
SAN Management Overview
Host SAN Concepts
SAN Storage
SAN Connectivity
SAN Management

B-Series Switch Tools
B-Series Management Tools
Management Tools Installation and usage
Switch Configuration
Maintenance Tasks
Security for B-Series SANs

MDS-Series Switch Tools
MDS-Series Management Tools
Management Tools Installation and usage
Switch Configuration
Maintenance Tasks
Security for MDS-Series SANs

Fabric Virtualization
B-Series Virtual Fabrics
MDS-Series Virtual SANs
Fibre Channel Addressing and Logins

Zoning and Storage Allocation
Zoning Overview
B-Series Switch Zoning
MDS-Series Switch Zoning 
VNX Storage Provisioning
VMAX Storage Provisioning

Merging Fabre Channel Fabrics
Fibre Channel Fabric Overview
B-Series Fabric Merge
MDS-Series Fabric Merge
Interoperability Overview

Managing IP SANs
FCIP Configuration
iSCSI Fabric Configuration

Port Virtualization
N_Port ID Virtualization
B-Series NPIV and Access Gateway Configuration
MDS-Series NPIV and NPV Configuration

IT Transformation
Trends Driving IT Transformation
Converged Networks Overview
FCoE Overview

Troubleshooting and Monitoring
Troubleshooting SAN
B-Series Troubleshooting and monitoring
MDS-Series Troubleshooting and monitoring

In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes labs designed to allow practical experience for the participant.