Symmetrix VMAX Business Continuity Management (MR-1CP-SYMBCMGMT)

This course provides the knowledge required to deploy and manage Symmetrix VMAX 1/2 -based local and remote replication solutions for business continuityneeds. Operational details and implementation considerations for EMC TimeFinder, SRDF and Open Replicator are covered. Lessons include considerations for and performing local and remote replication operations in physical and virtualized environments. Hands-on lab exercises using Symmetrix Command Line Interface (SYMCLI) and Unisphere for VMAX provide the opportunity to learn and validate the material covered in the lectures. Lab exercises will be performed in physical (Sun Solaris and Windows 2008) and virtualized (VMware ESXi) environments. Servers will be SAN attached to Symmetrix VMAX 1/2 series arrays

Audience :
EMC Personnel, EMC Partners and EMC Customers who will be involved in implementing and managing local and remote replication solutions for
Business Continuity using TimeFinder, SRDF and Open Replicator in an Open Systems environment.

Windows and/or Unix operating systems; ability to utilize host based GUI and/or command line interfaces to perform all hands-on labs
Symmetrix architecture, concepts, and theory of operations
TimeFinder, SRDF, and Open Replicator for Symmetrix Fundamentals
Symmetrix Configuration Management
VMware vSphere ESXi fundamental

Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:
Describe and perform TimeFinder/Clone and TimeFinder/Snap operations with SYMCLI and Unisphere for VMAX ? in physical and virtualized Environments
Describe and perform SRDF operations in Synchronous (SRDF/S) and Asynchronous (SRDF/A) modes using SYMCLI and Unisphere for VMAX ? in
physical and virtualized environments
Describe and perform Open Replicator for Symmetrix (ORS) data replication in Hot/Cold, Push and Pull scenarios
Describe the use of Unisphere for VMAX for performing local and remote replication operations

Duration:5 days
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Course Outline

Module 1: Symmetrix Business Continuity Concepts
Lesson 1: Device Groups, Consistency Groups, and Device Files
Lesson 2: VMware Storage Presentation Methods
Lesson 3: Host Considerations when Accessing Replicated Devices in Physical and Virtual Environments

Module 2: TimeFinder/Clone and TimeFinder VP Snap Operations
Lesson 1: TimeFinder/Clone
Lesson 2: TimeFinder VP Snap
Lesson 3: TimeFinder/Clone Operations in a Virtualized Environment ? Replicating a VMFS Datastore
Lesson 4: TimeFinder/Clone Operations in a Virtualized Environment ?Replicating a VM Accessing RDM Hard Disks
Lesson 5: Using Unisphere for VMAX to perform TimeFinder/Clone and TimeFinder VP Snap Operations

Module 3: TimeFinder/Snap Operations
Lesson 1: TimeFinder/Snap Overview and Considerations
Lesson 2: Managing TimeFinder/Snap Using SYMCLI
Lesson 3: Using Unisphere for VMAX for TimeFinder/Snap Operations

Module 4: SRDF/Synchronous Operations
Lesson 1: SRDF Initial Setup Operations
Lesson 2: SRDF Disaster Recovery Operations
Lesson 3: SRDF Decision Support/Concurrent Operations
Lesson 4: SRDF/S for VMFS Disaster Recovery
Lesson 5: SRDF/S Disaster Recovery for a VM Accessing RDM Hard Disks
Lesson 6: Using Unisphere for VMAX to Perform SRDF/S Operations

Module 5: SRDF/Asynchronous Operations
Lesson 1: SRDF/A Overview and Operations
Lesson 2: SRDF/A Resiliency Features
Lesson 3: SRDF/A Multi-Session Consistency
Lesson 4: SRDF/A Consistency Exempt Feature

Module 6: Open Replicator for Symmetrix Operational Details
Lesson 1: Open Replicator Overview and Modes of Operation
Lesson 2: Zoning and LUN Masking Requirements
Lesson 3: Using SYMCLI to Perform ORS Operations
Lesson 4: Using Unisphere for VMAX to Perform ORS Operations

In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes labs designed to allow practical experience for the participant.