silkperformer modeling and implementing load tests (SLK-MILT)



Familiarity with a Windows environment

Ability to navigate in an Internet or intranet environment

Familiarity with scripting or structured programming

Knowledge about basic concepts related to load testing, Web architecture and protocols

Experience testing Web applications (manually)



Module 1: Load Testing Fundamentals - Components of typical infrastructure that support e-commerce, benefits of load testing, load testing types, variations of load tests, models and differences between load tests

Module 2: SilkPerformer Overview - SilkPerformer Basics, SilkPerformer UI, adding an application profile

Module 3: Project Plan, Test Plan, and Project Outline - Site map for sample web application, test plan worksheet for sample web application

Module 4: Modeling the Script - Launching recorder using Model Script and Record Menu, Recorder options and buttons, clearing cookies, modeling a script using recorder, Record log and True Log file definitions

Module 5: Trying the Script - Try Script dialog, trial script with and without animation, Playback log file, output file, virtual user report file, TrueLog file, TrueLog Explorer?s Virtual User and Statistics Report

Module 6: Customizing the Text - Using TrueLog Explorer, Configuring TrueLog Explorer for different user names, Configuring TrueLog Explorer

Module 7: Finding and Confirming the Baseline - Add customer profiles, executing baseline reports and comparing results with virtual user report

Module 8: Adjust Workload and Run Test - Adding Agent Pools, Adding Agents, Define/Examine agent health, computing responsiveness of agents, computing bandwidth

Module 9: Exploring Results - Interpreting Results, Introduction of tools for results analysis, recognizing server-side bottlenecks and network bottlenecks

Module 10: BDL Scripting - How to manually customize scripts using Benchmark Description Language

Module 11: Data Types, Variables and Randomizing User Information - BDL datatypes, variables for random user information

Module 12: Profile Settings, Looping and Parsing in BDL - host/port values, Active Profile settings, change speed and browser type, while loops, for loops, parsing headers, parsing HTML