silkperformer results analysis and correlation (SLK-RAC)


When you successfully complete this course, you should be able to:

Use Performance Explorer and the Server Analysis Module (SAM)

Determine whether a specific test meets the workload and bandwidth requirements stated in the business requirements and test plan

Add custom reports to the overview report

Apply the concepts of range and standard deviation to analyze the average

Use the candles with sticks series type to confirm the consistency of the average

Validate test results

Combine and correlate client-side measures for effective results interpretation

Remerge and interpret data from load tests using distributed agents

Combine and correlate server-side measures for monitoring, graphing, and reporting

Identify possible bottlenecks and performance issues of an e-business infrastructure

Determine the root cause of a server failure during load test executions

Review overview of SilkCentral Test Manager (SCTM) results integration

Mostrar detalhes



Successful completion of the MIL course (or 3+ months experience with SilkPerformer)


Module 1: Reviewing the Basics

Module 2: Using Performance Explorer

Module 3: Understanding Quantified Data

Module 4: Analyzing Client-Side Data

Module 5: Analyzing Scenarios

Module 6: Analyzing Server-Side Data

Module 7: Understanding Root Cause Analysis

Module 8: Results Analysis with SCTM Integration

Module 9: Appendix

Module 10: Review