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    What is an IBM Digital Badge?

    IBM credentials are valued and recognized by the global IT industry. Communicating your credentials can be a challenge in today’s online marketplace so IBM introduced Digital Badges as a way to easily share verified proof of your achievement whenever and wherever you choose.
    Your IBM credentials are represented by a digital image that contains verified metadata outlining the qualifications and assessment process you went through to earn them.

    Benefits of IBM Digital Badges

    • Combine your credentials to form a complete overview of your skills
    • Display your accomplishment in your e-mail signature
    • Display your qualifications on social and professional networking sites
    • Provide employers with easy, valid verification of your credentials

    Getting Your Badge

    Tech Data will issue your badge within 3 business days of the class completion. For any questions please contact your local Academy contact.

    Acclaim Support: For questions related to your Acclaim badge earner account and profile, as well as issues related to claiming your badge after receiving a notification, go to

    General Badge Program inquiries: For general inquiries related to the IBM Digital Badge Program, contact