VMware AirWatch: Install and Deploy On Premise Solutions - On Demand (EDU-AW-ONPREM-EL)

This course provides the skills needed to install, configure, and upgrade an on premise AirWatch® server. You will have access to hands-on labs, learn upgrade options and strategies, and troubleshoot common installation and upgrade issues. Advanced installation techniques are discussed, including the use of high availability and redundancy.
Intended Audience:        
  •  AirWatch Administrators, Sales Engineers, Solutions Architects, Solutions Engineers, Consultants, Support/Helpdesk Technicians, Information Technology Staff, Implementation Specialists
  • The AirWatch Enterprise Mobility: Configure and Deploy Integrated Solutions course or AirWatch Technical Post-Sales Cloud Professional accreditation is required
After completing this course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
  • Identify important installation and upgrade prerequisites 
  • Learn to install, configure, and upgrade an on premise AirWatch server 
  • Discuss the benefits of using advanced installation techniques, including the use of high availability and enabling redundancy through multiserver configurations 
  • Review and recommend appropriate upgrade options and strategies 
  • Troubleshoot common installation and upgrade issues
Details anzeigen
  • 1. Course Introduction
  • 2. Advanced AirWatch Architecture
  • 3. Preparing for Installation
  • 4. Installing the AirWatch Application
  • 5. Installing Reports
  • 6. Performing Post-installation Configuration and Verification
  • 7. Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues
  • 8. High Availability and Disaster Recovery Configuration
  • 9. Preparing an Environment for an Upgrade
  • 10. Performing an Upgrade
  • 11. Completing Post-upgrade Environment Verification
  • 12. Troubleshooting Common Upgrade Issues