HPE OneView for ProLiant DL/ML Servers (H9TR9S)

This is a one-day class focusing on HPE OneView functionality for ML/DL systems. During the training, students learn how to deploy and configure HPE OneView and how to use OneView to support HPE ProLiant ML/DL systems. Students also learn how to manage storage components, how to configure security and how to perform basic troubleshooting. In addition, students learn how to integrate HPE OneView with HPE OneView Global Dashboard.


Customers who have purchased HPE rack servers and want to manage them using HPE OneView


HE643 Introduction to HPE ProLiant and Apollo Servers or equivalent knowledge

Course objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe HPE OneView features
  • Describe components supported in HPE OneView and licensing options
  • Explain the HPE OneView installation process
  • Explain management features available for DL systems
    • Storage management
    • Server profile management
    • Maintenance and support
    • Reporting functionality
    • Security management
    • Data center management
    • HPE OneView Global Dashboard integration

Detailed Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: HPE OneView Features
  • Lesson 2: HPE OneView Supported Components and Licensing Options
  • Lesson 3: HPE OneView Appliance Installation and Configuration Process
  • Lesson 4: HPE OneView Initial Setup
  • Lesson 5: Storage Components in HPE OneView
  • Lesson 6: Server and Profile Management
  • Lesson 7: Working with Server Profiles
  • Lesson 8: HPE OneView Maintenance and Support
  • Lesson 9: HPE OneView Reports
  • Lesson 10: HPE OneView Security
  • Lesson 11: Data Center Management
  • Lesson 12: HPE Global Dashboard