Blade System Administration (HE646S)

  • System administrators, engineers and consultants who will manage to monitor the HP ProLiant BladeSystem c-Class environment
  • New HP BladeSystem customers or past customers who purchased Gen 8 or earlier HP blade servers
HP recommends that students have attained the following credentials or levels of experience before taking this course:
  • Introduction to HP ProLiant Servers (HE643S) or similar experience is recommended Course objectives
  • Explore the functional architecture of the ProLiant BL c-Class environment, including management infrastructure (Insight Display, Onboard Administrator), power and cooling and servers.
  • Review the HP c-Class BladeSystem Portfolio and equipment capabilities.
  • Introduce Virtual Connect (basic concepts)
Detailed course outline:
Module 1: HP BladeSystem portfolio introduction (at a high level)
Module 2: HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosures
Module 3: HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosure and infrastructure configuration and management
Module 4: HP BladeSystem power and cooling
Module 5: HP BladeSystem c-Class servers, storage, tape, and expansion blades
Module 6: HP BladeSystem c-Class connectivity options
Module 7: HP Virtual Connect overview 
Module 8: HP BladeSystem c-Class firmware
  • Identify resources for information about the current HP c-Class BladeSystem portfolio
  • Differentiate the two types of HP BladeSystem enclosures
  • Identify HP BladeSystem ProLiant servers
  • Identify HP Integrity server blades
  • Describe other components in the c-Class portfolio:-HP BladeSystem adapters and mezzanines-HP BladeSystem interconnects-HP BladeSystem c-Class storage options
  • Describe c-Class BladeSystem infrastructure management tools and solutions: -HP OneView management appliance-HP Smart Update solution-HP Smart Update Manager-HP Service Pack for ProLiant-HP Insight Control-HP Insight Online with Insight Remote Support
  • Define the warranty and support options for HP BladeSystem solutions
  • Describe the HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosures
  • Describe the c-Class enclosure structure
  • Explain c-Class enclosure signal pathing for mezzanines and interconnects
  • Define the enclosure numbering scheme
  • Explain how to access the HP Onboard Administrator
  • Describe the initial steps involved in setting up the c7000 enclosure using the:-HP Insight Display Initial Setup Wizard-HP Onboard Administrator (OA) First Time Setup Wizard
  • Describe HP BladeSystem c-Class high availability features
  • Describe the HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure Onboard Administrator configuration options
  • Describe configuration options with Onboard Administrator CLI
  • Explain how to configure power for an HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure
  • Explain how to control/view power consumption in a c-Class enclosure
  • Describe HP intelligent location and power discovery services
  • Describe the structural cooling components and features
  • Identify the distinctions between the HP ProLiant G7 and Gen8 servers
  • Describe the technologies on the ProLiant system
  • Identify c-Class Integrity servers and their requirements
  • Describe server iLO interaction with the OA
  • Manage certain options of your server blades from the OA GUI
  • Describe the features and components of:-Storage blades-Tape blades-Expansion blades
  • Describe the HP BladeSystem c-Class interconnect module architecture
  • List the BladeSystem c-Class interconnect modules:-Ethernet-Fibre Channel-InfiniBand-SAS
  • Describe the mezzanine cards and slots available in the BladeSystem c-Class server blades
  • Describe HP BladeSystem c7000 and c3000 enclosure port mapping
  • Define the benefits of HP BladeSystem solutions with HP Virtual Connect technology
  • Describe Virtual Connect technology and its main components
  • Identify ways to use Virtual Connect technology in a data center
  • Describe the VC Flex technology
  • Describe the VC FlexFabric Fibre Channel storage with 3PAR solution
  • Determine what firmware is embedded in various components in the enclosure and how to update it
  • Explain how to access the HP SPP download and documentation
  • Describe how to update firmware for the HP OA using:-HP SUM-EFM
  • Explain how to implement HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure firmware
  • Explain how to update firmware embedded in the OA for a blade enclosure