HPE Digital Learner Bronze 1 Year Subscription Service (HR2R4AAE)

HPE Digital Learner can assist you and your organization in keeping up with digital skills development by accelerating digital maturity with better access to more effective learning experiences. This includes a modern learning portal equipped with guided learner paths, achievements and badging, and peer-to-HPE community access built into an annual training subscription.

The results of this new approach, including: Accelerated learning with access to learning at point of need, increased access to meaningful learning including refreshed content during the subscription term, skills development delivered with less cost and disruption to your business.

The HPE Digital Learner Bronze subscription service provides 24x7 access to HPE technology digital content (all Category 1 Content Packs) that includes approximately 300+ hours of learning. The Digital Learner subscription service delivers new and refreshed learning at point of need and reinforced learning to users throughout the subscription term.

For a complete listing of all Digital Learner HPE technology (Category 1 Content Packs) included, please visit the Digital Learner content library at www.hpe.com/ww/digitallearner-content.

Please note, all HPE technology digital content is in US English.