Blockchain Essentials (TD-B01001)

This in-depth hands-on course introduces developers, security professionals and other technology staff to the principles and practices driving modern blockchain technology. Day one begins with a blockchain overview and coverage of its use in distributed ledger systems. Sessions on crypo currencies and other blockchain applications follow. Each module includes a hands on lab, IBM Blockchain and other tools, designed to give attendees a deeper understanding of the topics covered.
Day two explores some of the most popular practical applications and technologies making use of blockchains. The most popular crypto currency, Bitcoin is examined, along with the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger project and the IBM Blockchain platform. Upon completion, attendees will have the knowledge and skills necessary to evaluate various blockchain technologies and applications as well as the knowledge necessary to begin a deeper exploration of block chain technologies for practical applications.

Derivative Works Courses are developed by an IBM authorized Global Training Provider. The content of the course is based on IBM products and services. It offers skills or services that IBM does not offer in the course catalog today and are intended to compliment our existing portfolio. The course is developed by the Training Provider. 

Developers, Security Team Members, IT and QA Staff, Architects and Technical Managers

General technology background. Each attendee must have a laptop with internet access and the ability to run a 64 bit virtual machine to complete the lab.

This course is designed to provide developers and security professionals with a solid grounding in blockchain technology and the IBM Blockchain platform, covering both theory and modern common practice.
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Key topics

Blockchain Basics
Blockchain Overview
  • Lab: Creating a simple block chain
Distributed Ledgers
  • Lab: Creating a simple distributed ledger
  • Lab: Working with cryptocurrencies
Blockchain applications
  • Lab: Transferring land titles with blockchain technology

Blockchain in Practice
  • Lab: Exploring BitCoin
  • Lab: Exploring Hyperledger
IBM Blockchain
  • Lab: Working with IBM Blockchain
Smart Contracts
  • Lab: Exploring Smart Contracts