Cloud Object Storage Hands-On Workshop (U5COSHOG)

This workshop gives an introduction to the Cloud Object Storage architectures and functions and elaborates on positioning within the IBM Spectrum portfolio. It subsequently provides a comprehensive introduction to solutions with IBM Spectrum Storage highlighting the integration with Spectrum Scale and Transparent Cloud Tiering as well as Spectrum Protect seamless encryption with cloud storage pools, key management and staging. In a series of hands-on sessions the participants will do sizing exercises and use the management user interface to create a vault and use client software to ingest data.

Technical pre-sales experts, administrators and architects

Basic knowledge of Spectrum Scale
Basic knowledge of Spectrum Protect

  • Introduction to Cloud Object Storage architecture and function
  • Opportunity qualification, primary use cases and competitive differentiation
  • Advances Features, Erasure Coding, SmartWirte/SmartRead, etc.
  • Demo with focus on user/application view
  • Solutions with IBM Spectrum Storage

Supported Hardware overview
  • Installation and configuration walk-through with live demo
  • Hands-on: Sizing exercises for Capacity and Performance
  • Hands-on: Use of management UI to create a vault and use client software to ingest data