Implementing IBM FlashCopy backup & clone for SAP HANA on POWER (FCtool) Hands-On Workshop (U5FCSHPG)

SAP HANA is the #1 topic not only for SAP -- and as with every other data base SAP HANA needs protection as well, like online data base backup. Now the online backup process can take some time, especially restore, up to hours. Here IBM FlashCopy backup accelerates the backup and restore process, or better, minimizes the time needed to do so, from hours down to seconds. The new solution integrates IBM Spectrum Virtualize (SVC, Storwize, V9000) with IBM HANA (STUDIO) and automates the HANA Backup, -Restore, and -Copy/Clone process via IBM FlashCopy. This solution eases and accelerates the daily customer tasks. This new solution provides a CLI and GUI.
The workshop explains the principle of IBM FlashCopy with Spectrum Virtualize, the principle of SAP HANA SNAPSHOT, and a hands-on training how to install, configure and run the FCtool, including the installation of SAP HANA.

Target Audience
Technical experts, administrators and architects of IBM Business Partners, customers and IBM (Technical Sales, Service, ...).

Applied skills of LINUX and IBM Spectrum Virtualize, basic knowledge about SAP HANA.

Course Modules

Day 1:

o Use case of FCtool
o Basics of IBM FlashCopy on Spectrum Virtualize (SVC, Storwize)
o FCtool demo

Hands on:
- OS / serve preparation for FCtool
- Installation of SAP HANA
- Installation & Configuration of FCtool (CLI)
- HANA backup and restore with recover

Day 2:
Hands on:
- HANA copy, refresh, remote

o Requirements of the GUI
Hands on:
- OS / server preparation for FCtool GUI
- Running the GUI