IBM DiskMagic Workshop (U5IBMDMG)

Workshop contents cover more advanced topics of Disk Magic storage sizing, especially when it comes to the specifics of certain IBM storage architectures/features, e.g. virtualisation (SVC), or compression. We also cover storage sizings in the context of IBM Easy Tier (for hybrid storage systems: flash+HDD). The class starts with some tips around the best ways to gather storage performance data in some automated fashion. We'll demonstrate examples showing what the Disk Magic tool is capable of.

This class is targeting storage technical sales and support colleagues at IBM Business Partners, as well as IBMers, who want to learn more about the best-practices around accurate storage sizing.

The participants should ideally have some experience with the Disk Magic sizing and modelling tool.

  • Recap Disk Magic and performance modelling (terminology; differences Flash, RI SSDs, Enterprise SAS, Nearline; possible internal bottlenecks)
  • Data collection: What, when, why (methods), I/O peak identification, automated input of IBM Spectrum Control and operating-system performance data; questions to ask the client
  • Tool Disk Magic: Base & Solve. Modelling of All-Flash Arrays (FlashSystem), Compression with All-Flash Arrays
  • Tool Disk Magic:
    • Replacement of legacy storage systems with new products, system consolidation
    • 'Report' function; demonstrate effects of adding more cache, more disks, more disks in lower tier, changing the flash ratio in a hybrid (multi-tier) storage system, changing RAID levels
    • correct modelling with IBM Easy Tier
  • Virtualisation (SVC) of unvirtualised storage: Specifics SVC and IBM Storwize, modelling of compression with IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Modelling PPRC: Synchronous and asynchronous PPRC
  • Modelling IBM i: Automatic data collection and examples with IBM i
  • Hands-on demos with the tool, Q&A