Spectrum Scale Administration and Problem Determination Hands-on Workshop (U5SSD1DG)

This workshop provides comprehensive hands-on guidance for advanced administration and problem determination of Spectrum Scale clusters. You will first learn about the basic Spectrum Scale architectures and concepts and subsequently design, install and configure your own Spectrum Scale cluster. In the next modules we introduce important configuration parameters, monitoring tasks and operational procedures and you will apply this knowledge during further hands-on sessions. With this knowledge and experience you are prepared to perform problem determination. After explaining basic steps, important tools and log files for problem determination you will isolate, analyze and repair problems ingested into your clusters. The problems ingested to your cluster include common sources for trouble in Spectrum Scale such as network, storage and configuration issues.

At the end of the workshop you have understood the Spectrum Scale architectures and concepts and you are able to design and build your own resilient clusters. Furthermore you will be able to identify and correct problems in your cluster by using Spectrum Scale commands, tools and log files.

This workshop is based on software defined infrastructure including virtual machines and Linux and Spectrum Scale software.


Technical experts, business partners and clients.


  • If you would like to obtain basic skills please refer to the IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) Hands-On Workshop (U5SSD0DG)
  • Linux administrator skill (command line)


  • Introduction to Spectrum Scale Architectures and Concepts
  • Hands-on: Spectrum Scale installation and cluster creation
  • Spectrum Scale file system, storage and quorum
  • Hands-on: Disk and file system creation and quorum tests
  • Spectrum Scale monitoring concepts
  • Hands-on: Monitoring using GUI and CLI
  • Introduction to configuration parameters and I/O monitoring
  • Hands-on: Apply configuration parameters monitor I/O
  • Spectrum Scale operational procedures
  • Hands-on: Operational procedures
  • Introduction to problem determination
  • Hands-on: Problem determination sessions addressing node, network, storage and cluster configuration issues