Developing cutting edge web applications using microservices and IBM Bluemix (U5WAMBMG)

This course provides you with an unique insight into cutting edge web technologies and the possibility to combine them with the various sotware architectures as well as cloud solutions. With the current market focus shifting to microservices and web technologies such as Node.js, Angular and REACT, it has become necessary to explore the possibilities these technologies offer to best suit the needs of your clients.
This course provides you with the theoretical knowledge of various relevant terms, as well as the practical implementation by combining several key technologies (e.g. IBM Bluemix, Microservices and Node.js). The course participants will be able to use the knowledge to either develop applications, decide on the best possible approach to developing applications or to form decisions about the upcoming projects. 
Target Audience
The course is designed for developers, architects, consultants and managers who are interested in the newest web technologies and their incorporation in existing IBM products.
You should have theoretical or pratical experience with the following:
  • Application and Webserver administration
  • Basic programming competency
  • The basics of modelling languages (UML preferred)
  • The basic concepts of computer networks
  • Understanding of Cloud services
  • Basic knowledge of at least one IDE (Eclipse preferred)
You should have WebSphere administration skills, obtained through either practical or theoretical experience with WebSphere Application Server and/or some experience with the following tools and concepts:
  • REST Services
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Provide the target audience with an insight into newest web technologies
  • Enable decision makers to evaluate cutting edge web technologies
  • Identifying and using the latest trends in web development
  • Evaluating and using IBM Bluemix as a platform for aforementioned trends
  • Identifying and avoiding the pitfalls of monolithic architecture
  • Using microservices to develop applications, minimize overhead and costs
Other useful courses
  • Introduction to IBM Bluemix
  • Migrating Enterprise Applications to Bluemix
  • Integrating Bluemix Applications with On-premises Resources 
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Course Outline
?Day one
  • Motivation
  • Analyzing current software architectures
  • Monolithic applications ? architecture and examples
  • The pitfalls of the monolithic approach
  • Cost analysis of a typical enterprise application
  • Various case studies
Day two
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Microservices and the building blocks of microservices
  • Communication mechanisms
  • Various case studies ? microservice architecture
  • Agile development and DevOps as a requirement for microservices
  • DevOps Toolchains and the importance of continuous integration
Day three
  • IBM Bluemix as a platform for microservices
  • The newest trends in the world of web development
  • Developing applications using selected technologies
  • Viability of using the aforementioned tools and technologies in various situations