Oracle Solaris 11 Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) (D84121GC10)

This Oracle Solaris 11 Dynamic Tracing training is designed for skilled system administrators who want to learn how to use DTrace to diagnose applications and system problems. This course introduces you to the DTrace technology and helps you explore various system observability tools to identify issues.

Learn To:
  • Describe Dynamic Tracing.
  • Observe system activities by using DTrace.
  • Collect system information by using the DTrace Toolkit scripts.
  • Create custom DTrace Scripts to collect system information.
  • Apply best practices for using DTrace.

Benefits to You:

By investing in this course, you'll learn how DTrace enables system administrators and developers to monitor systems and identify the cause of issues. System administrators will get hands-on experience using DTrace to identify performance problems and locate system issues. Developers will get a chance to develop expertise using DTrace to optimize application performance by learning how to easily identify bottlenecks."