Firewall: Optimizing FireWall Threat Prevention (EDU-214)

The main task of a firewall is to protect the network from threats. Legacy firewalls however have failed to do so for many years, which is why firewall administrators are now facing the challenge to identify malware which already infected the network using their Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall.
In the EDU-210 (Configuration and Management) course students learn all the Palo Alto Networks product specifics like how to configure the Next-Generation Firewall. However, it will not prepare them for the daily management task to identify advanced threats. Nowadays, with the change in the Application and Threat landscape, administrators also need to know how modern malware is working in order to effectively control and protect the enterprise network.
Therefore the EDU-214 (Optimizing FireWall Threat Prevention) course is tailored for firewall administrators and operators who will manage the Next-Generation Firewall on a daily basis. It will teach them strategies in defence against advanced persistent threats and how to manage them using security policies, profiles and even custom signatures as well as Wildfire. Please see the course datasheet for the detailed agenda.
The EDU-210 FireWall: Configuration and Management course or equivalent practical experience working with the  Palo Alto Netwoks Next-Generation Firewall is a recommended prerequisite to take this course.

This course will be delivered via 4x full-day sessions.