EMC NetWorker 9 Basics for Windows, Linux and VMware (TD-1109)

This four-day EMC NetWorker course covers installation and backup configuration, NetWorker database management, and data recovery on Windows and LINUX platforms. UNIX systems are treated as a system to be secured in theory.
In particular, a day of training is used to back up and restore virtual systems in a VMware environment using the latest NetWorker technology.
As training equipment, Windows or Linux servers are available and a VMware infrastructure. DellEMC DataDomain systems are used as data backup media.
The training provides participants with the preparation for the certification under the DellEMC Proven Professional program. The examinations are carried out through the independent Pearson VUE examination center.
System administrators, system consultants and employees from the areas of system integration and development or technical support.
Student Requirements
  • Knowledge of administration, e.g. setting up user accounts and applications, setting up and starting files and services, creating and executing shell command scripts
  • Experience in the field of networks, data management concepts and file systems
  • Windows or LINUX knowledge
  • Knowledge of TCP / IP networking
  • For VMware: Knowledge of VMware vSphere 5/6 with the VMware vCenter
Day 1
  • Overview of NetWorker foundations, architecture, and services
  • NetWorker processes
  • Backup configuration via NetWorker 9 Policies
  • Licensing and software compatibility information
  • Management with the NetWorker Management Console
  • Use NetWorker Authentication Services and License Services
  • Installation Roadmap NetWorker 9
  • Exercises: Installing a NetWorker 9 environment and basic configurations
Day 2
  • NetWorker administration, log files and control parameters
  • Configuration of backup media, especially DellEMC DataDomain with the use of DDBoost
  • NetWorker Media Management
  • Use the NetWorker Policy Engine, including Block Based Backups, Directives, Pre & Post processing, and much more.
  • Exercises: Set up DataDomain Boost Devices and handle different data backups and scenarios.
Day 3
  • The foundation for securing a VMware environment based on VMware vSphere
  • Install VMware Backup Appliances
  • Configure and perform VM backups and restores.
  • Handle the NetWorker Emergency Restore for VM Restore without vCenter Server
  • Exercises: Install the components for the VMware backup. Perform backups and restores
Day 4
  • Basic information for updating NetWorker 8 to NetWorker 9
  • NetWorker Virtual Edition basics
  • Installation of libraries and tape devices in theory.
  • Using NetWorker command line Interfaces
  • Restore data to the NetWorker server "Disaster Recovery"
  • Exercises: Run various command lines. From various restores to the NetWorker Server disaster recovery as the completion of the course