Palo Alto Networks – basic configuration (TD-5454)

This workshop covers all the fundamentals to fully understand the Next-Generation FireWall from the ground up. Even experienced firewall engineers take a lot out of this course as it covers, besides the architecture and management essentials, topics like Application Identification, Content ID (IPS, Anti-Virus/-Spyware, URL Filtering, File Blocking), SSL Decryption, GlobalProtect Remote Access and User Identification which are all features usually not supported by legacy firewalls. In addition to the workshop content, we also teach security best practices which will enable students to fully leverage the potential of the Palo Alto Networks.

You will learn :

  • Configure the basic components of the firewall, including interfaces, security zones, and security policies.
  • Configure basic Layer 3 settings, such as IP addressing and a NAT policy.
  • Configure basic Content-ID functionality, including antivirus protection and URL filtering.
  • Configure extended firewall features, including IPSec VPNs, SSL decryption, and high availability