AWS Professional Services: Cloud Advisory (for AWS Business Partners only) (AWSPSCA-BP)

This course is for AWS Partners only, you must have a valid APN login to register. To book this course, please click on the "Register" button where you will be redirected to the AWS website, you must then login to APN to complete the registration process.

This course teaches you how to build a compelling business case for cloud adoption, and how to accelerate customer's cloud adoption process. You will learn how to apply the cloud economics concepts to a business case; and perform a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and a Total Cost of Migration (TCM) exercise. You will learn how to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV), Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR), and Payback Period values to support the cloud adoption business case. The course also includes the Cloud Journey Simulation ‐ an experiential learning to accelerate an organization's cloud adoption. The gamified approach allows players to experience the real‐world impacts on a company's cloud journey based on the operating model changes they select to invest in. You will experience how this approach helps customer's leadership team to accelerate the cloud adoption within their organization.

Intended Audience 

This course is intended for: 

  • Practice leaders at APN Premier and Advanced consulting partner organizations 
  • Individuals responsible for professional services implementation and delivery at APN Premier and Advanced consulting partner organizations 

Learning Objectives 

In this course, you will learn how to: 

  • Build a cloud adoption business case based on customer goals 
  • Apply the concepts of cloud economics to the business case 
  • Identify and collect key metrics needed to create the business case 
  • Perform a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a Total Cost of Migration (TCM) exercise 
  • Calculate Return on Investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV), Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR), and Payback Period for the business case
  • Leverage the Cloud Journey Simulation exercise to accelerate customer cloud adoption 
  • Prioritize initiatives that will deliver maximum business value through cloud adoption 


We recommend that attendees of this course have the following prerequisites: 

  • Certifications Achieved: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 
  • Courses taken: AWS Business Professional; AWS TCO and Cloud Economics 

Delivery Method 

This course is delivered through: 

  • Instructor‐led Training (ILT) 

Hands‐on Activity 

This course allows you to test new skills and apply knowledge to your working environment through a variety of practical exercises. 


Two days 

Course Outline 

This course covers the following concepts: 

  • Overview of the Business Case approach 
  • Understanding Cloud Economics 
  • Deep Dive on Business Case Types 
  • Cost Estimators and Cost Calculators 
  • Building the Business Case 
    • Cloud Journey Simulation