Nutanix End User Computing Administration (NEUCA)

This course teaches you teaches you the skills needed to design, install, configure, and manage a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solution on Nutanix. In this course, you will explore a number of VDI-focused subjects including:

  • Considerations when architecting an EUC environment, how to choose between VDI and DaaS (Desktop as a Service), and the options available when designing your VDI solution.
  • Nutanix technologies that support an EUC deployment, including Nutanix Flow, which provides increased security for desktops, and Nutanix Files, an integrated file server solution.
  • Configuring and operating EUC environments, including using third-party solutions, working with profile stores, and creating and optimizing gold images.
  • Optimizing and troubleshooting a VDI environment, including best practices, viewing utilization metrics, and troubleshooting various common issues with VDI deployments.


In addition, this course also includes an introduction to Nutanix Frame, covering the major tasks involved in configuring and managing a Frame environment, ranging from connecting infrastructure and identity systems to delivering applications and desktops to end users.

Note: All students attending an ILT class receive a complementary Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) single-user single-attempt exam voucher.


  • Customers that want to learn how to design and operate a VDI solution on Nutanix.
  • IT administrators and business leaders who manage Nutanix clusters in the datacenter and want a detailed deep dive into Nutanix VDI administration.
  • Anyone pursuing the Nutanix Certified Professional - End User Computing (NCP-EUC) certification.


Course Outline

1: Architecting an EUC Environment

  • Introduction to EUC
  • Architecting a VDI Environment
  • Choosing the Right DaaS Environment
  • Understanding Citrix VDI on Nutanix
  • Understanding VMware VDI on Nutanix


2: Nutanix Technologies for EUC

  • Increased Security with Nutanix Flow
  • Integrated File Server Solution with Nutanix Files


3: Configuring and Operating EUC Environments

  • Configuring an EUC Environment Using Third-Party Solutions
  • VDI Profile Store Concepts
  • Gold Images
  • Delivery Options


4: Managing, Configuring, and Optimizing Nutanix Frame

  • Understanding Frame - Terms, Features, and Architecture
  • Configuring and Managing a Frame Environment


5: Optimizing and Troubleshooting an EUC Environment

  • Optimizing a VDI Environment
  • Incremental Scalability with Nutanix Architecture
  • Resource Utilization in an EUC Environment
  • Troubleshooting Issues with a VDI Environment