PowerVM Network Virtualization with Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) and virtual Network Interface Controller (vNIC) on Power (TD-IBMPVM)

PowerVM SR-IOV today provides hardware based adapter virtualization with excellent performance on POWER7+ and POWER8 systems. PowerVM virtual Network Interface Controller (vNIC) enhances PowerVM SR-IOV with LPM capability. This one day session covers in detail what we have today and what comes next in network virtualization for IBM Power Systems. 

This workshop was designed by 
Charles Graham (Power Hypervisor Virtual I/O & SR-IOV lead Architect, IBM Master Inventor, IBM Systems, IBM Rochester USA) and Alexander Paul (Trainer for Power Systems, Virtualization, UNIX Performance Analysis Cisco Network Planning, Design and Troubleshooting IBM TSS Switzerland),

Target Audience
  • Power customers looking to optimize their network I/O resources, increase their virutal network performance and manage network bandwidth allocations
  • SAP customers (SAP HANA on Power)
  • System adeministrator 
  • Network infrastructure administrator

  • SR-IOV & vNIC technology and fundamentals
  • Design and configuration with demo
  • SR-IOV & vNIC advanced features and capabilities
  • Network virtualization and performance
  • Technology outlook - what comes next?
  • Discussion and Q&A