TCP/IP Architecture (TD-NW48)

This course is intended for technical personnel and any person who needs background knowledge of TCP/IP's protocols and routing capabilities.

Some parts of the course are addressed at networking specialists who need in depth TCP/IP architecture knowledge.


This course teaches key TCP/IP concepts and protocols. It gives you the basic knowledge of the TCP/IP architecture including the key protocols, applications, and functions provided by TCP/IP. And it gives the reason why the TCP/IP

protocol family is the most comprehensive network solution, overcoming proprietary attempts such as SNA, NetBIOS, DECnet and so on.


DURATION: 3.0 days



Basic knowledge of networks and telecommunication.

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After completing this course, you should:


 o Have a solid knowledge of the TCP/IP architecture, components, and protocols.

 o Know the key TCP/IP applications and their functions.

 o Have a profound knowledge of routing and subnetting in TCP/IP networks.

 o Be able to follow recent RFCs and reassess future developments in IPV6.