PowerVM with redundant VIO Servers for classical and Power cloud infrastructures (U5POWERG)

This class is based on the IBM AN30G, AN31G and AN32G classes and concentrates on describing the best pratices to setup redundant VIO server for your PowerVM environments. The students will receive the material of these classes plus some additional material on recent developments.

We will look into the basics of setting up virtual enthernet to your LPARs with redundant VIO servers through either shared ethernet adapter failover and dual virtual switches and etherchannel NIB setups and discuss the pros and cons of each.

We will introduce SRIOV and show the differences to the traditional setups.

We will also discuss the performance aspects of each setup and you will have the chance to implement the different settings in the lab environment.
The different storage implementation techniques (vSCSI, NPIV and SSP) will be introduced and you will implement each in the lab environment.
We will also discuss the special requirements for POWER Linux LPARs running SAP HANA or POWER Linux LPARs in PowerVC Cloud Manager environments and show the differences to classical AIX or IBM i LPARs.
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Day 1          
  • POWER systems (short) overview and recap of the virtualization features
  • Virtual Ethernet overview and virtual network designs with dial VIOs (shared ethernet failover, client with dual VIOs using NIB and virtual switches)
  • Exercise - setting up the lab environment with both techniques (part1)
Day 2
  • Exercise - setting up the lab environment with both techniques (part2)
  • SRIOV overview and if  a lab with SRIOV is available ? setup of SRIOV
  • SRIOV and vNIC explained
  • Deep dive into virtual ethernet performance with 10Gbit and faster adapters
  • exercise on performance settings
Day 3
  • Storage techniques with dual VIO setups
  • vSCSI and MPIO with dual VIO servers
  • Exercise with vSCSI and MPIO hrough dual VIO servers
  • NPIV with dual VIO servers
  • Exercise with NPIV through dual VIO servers
Day 4
  • VIO Shared Storage Pools - basics
  • Exercise ? setting up an shared storage pool
  • VIO Shared Storage Pools ? preparation for PowerVC Cloud Manager environments ? performance aspects - advanced topics
  • Exercise ? SSP advanced
  • Live Partition Mobility ? overview and specifics in redundant VIO environments
Day 5
  • Exercise ? LPM with redundant VIO servers
  • Performance tuning VIO servers
  • Do?s and dont?s with redundant VIO servers in conjuction with HANA on POWER
  • Exercise ? setting up the differences
  • Questions and WrapUp